Tips for Etsy SEO to Ensure Customers Find You

Etsy SEO is the practice of enhancing your store’s and its products’ visibility in Google and other search engines as well as within the Etsy search bar. Although SEO can be complicated, it’s critical to have a fundamental understanding of SEO best practices in order to optimize your shops for search and expose your products to a wider audience of potential customers.

Need a starting point to begin SEO-optimizing your own Etsy store? Here are quick methods to make it easier for buyers to find your postings.

1. Your shop’s name should mention your main product

One element of your shop that you can utilize to affect SEO is your shop title, which is a succinct description of your business that lets customers know what products and services you create and offer.

Take advantage of the chance to title your shop appropriately since the wording will also serve as the page title for your shop and will be the first thing a user sees in the search results. Consider a title that describes the categories of goods you sell. Don’t sacrifice creativity for SEO; this shop’s name is successful because it is distinctive and memorable.

2. Don’t overuse the same keyword

No matter how closely the listings match the user’s search, the Etsy search algorithm won’t show more than one or two items from a single seller when a buyer looks for something. De-clumping is what Etsy does to make sure that a wide variety of different stores show up in search results.

3. Listings with keywords at the front

When creating a new listing, place the crucial information about your store or product—or, in other words, the keywords you want to rank for—at the start of each field. This not only attracts customers but also aids Etsy in determining which products match a user’s search query.

Consider how you may include the most crucial details of your goods in the first few words of the following areas when putting your items for sale on the items’ listing page:

Title of item:

Use keywords that a customer would use to search for this specific item and clearly explain your product at the beginning of the item title.

Describe the item:

The meta description for your listing page, which is the text that displays below your page title in search engine results, is created using the first 160 characters of your item description. The crucial keywords for your product should be included in the first 40 characters of your description, even though it can be longer than 160 characters.

Shop categories:

Up to 20 custom sections, each with its own page, can be added to your shop. The page title for each landing page will be derived from the section name.

4. Update your listings frequently

The search algorithm on Etsy takes into account recency. A new listing receives a minor, transitory boost in search results when it is created. This is done so that the Etsy search can gather additional information about how customers engage with the listing to calculate its quality score. Refreshed listings receive a comparable, though lesser, bump that, depending on how frequently consumers look up specific things, can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Despite Etsy’s warning that routinely renewing or re-listing your things is not a good long-term SEO strategy, it may occasionally be beneficial to do so. For example, if the keyword for which your product is optimized is extremely competitive, it can be advantageous to give it an extra boost, especially during seasons when more people are looking on Etsy and making purchases, such as during the holidays.

Frequently asked questions:

How can I tell whether my Etsy SEO is effective?

Look at the keywords being used to find your listings in your Etsy shop statistics. Your Marmalead keywords ought to start showing up in there if you’re choosing wise keywords and using them properly.

How do you beat the Etsy algorithm?

Make sure the two or three key terms appear first in the listing title. The end of that, even when there is a photo, individuals are less likely to click if they can’t tell what your item is in less than a second.

Why do my Etsy views suddenly decrease?

Views on a business may decline for various reasons, including seasonality, a lack of social media promotion, or a few unfavorable reviews. Although losing views might be detrimental to a store, there are techniques to increase those views once more.

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