Dec 16, 2022
Social Media
Corporate Gift


YYippy is a corporate gifting platform that helps businesses automate their gifting process. They provide a variety of features to help businesses choose the right gifts, track their spending, and manage their budgets.


Yippy was struggling to keep up with the demands of managing their digital brand presence. They were finding it difficult to post consistently on social media, and they were not sure how to optimize their website for search engines.

How SEO Jetty Helped

  • Setting up and optimizing Yippy’s social media accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • Taking over the content creation and posting for Yippy’s social media accounts and improving the frequency of posts.
  • Creating an effective social media strategy to promote their various products and services in the best light possible.
  • Creating high-quality content in various formats, including posts, YouTube videos, blogs, and short videos.
Instagram Yippy


After working with SEO Jetty, Yippy’s website traffic and leads increased. SEO Jetty helped Yippy boost their website traffic and leads, which resulted in a significant improvement in their online presence.