Sep 22, 2021
Social Media


EExtended Studies at UC San Diego is a leading provider of continuing education and professional development programs. They offer a wide range of courses and workshops, from certificate programs to full-time degrees Website:


Extended Studies at UC San Diego were struggling to reach their target audience and generate leads through social media. they were not seeing the results they wanted from their social media marketing efforts. They were not getting enough engagement on their posts, and they were not generating enough leads.


  • SEO Jetty created a content calendar that ensured that Extended Studies was posting consistently on all of their social media channels.
  • Used social media targeting to ensure that their content was seen by the people who were most likely to be interested in Extended Studies’ courses and programs.
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“SEO Jetty took over our accounts and really transformed our social media presence. They created engaging and informative content that helped us to reach our target audience and generate leads.” – Extended Studies Director of Marketing